Dear Anatomy Family.


We hope you and your family are doing well and finding ways to stay active.  We miss seeing each and every one of you in the club, and plan to reopen once Miami Beach/Miami Dade announces the opening date for gyms/fitness centers. 


We have been busy making enhancements to the clubs to improve your member experience and introduced new sanitizing protocols to secure the well being of our employees and members.


As a reminder, while Anatomy is closed all memberships are on freeze with all freeze fees waived.



All clubs have been given an overall refresh, have new paint, deep cleaning, and full sanitizing.



  • Sanctuary: Revitalized w/resurfaced plunge pools & upgraded steam room and infrared sauna. 
  • New Covered Outdoor Workout Area: On the outdoor turfs, we created a new outdoor workout area on both turfs, with umbrellas and the addition of a massive workout rig, Concept 2 rower & Ski Erg, stationary bike & free weights. 
  • Locker Rooms: Refreshed w/new paint, freshly polished marble floors & lockers.
  • Group Fitness Studio: Freshly painted & renewed w/new yoga & workout mats.


  • Sanctuary: Enhanced climate control system for added comfort.
  • Main Fitness Floor: New hack squat and accessories.
  • Locker Rooms: Refreshed w/new paint, freshly polished marble floors & lockers.


We will continue to expand our protocols once Miami Beach releases the guidelines.



We have studied the recommended guidelines and developed enhanced protocols using products approved by the CDC to kill coronavirus.  Go to the end of the letter to learn more.


Facility Cleaning

    • Deep cleanings: Throughout the day with technologically advanced products by the entire team.
    • Extra Detail Team Staff: Will be on the floor wiping down equipment.
    • Anatomy Staff: All staff will participate in cleaning the gym.
    • Members: Will be required to use towels and wipe down equipment after each use.

Sanitizing Stations

  • Upon Entry: Members will have to sanitize hands at stations before entering the gym.
  • Around Club: Extra wipe stations & spray bottles placed around the gyms.



    • Check-in: Non contact check-in. 
    • Social Distancing:  Practiced throughout club & equipment has been moved to accommodate.
    • Masks:  As required by Miami Beach, staff and members will wear masks accordingly.
    • Classes: In-door class size limited and more outdoor classes.
    • Locker Room/Showers/Sanctuary: We are awaiting guidance on their usage once we open.

We will keep you updated as Miami Beach/Miami Dade release details.


The entire Anatomy family looks forward to seeing you back in the club very soon!!


David Geller

Chief Operating Officer





All the following products are CDC approved to kill coronavirus:


Monofoil. Military-grade technology that not only eliminates microbes and bonds to surfaces creating an active barrier that protects for weeks.

Use: Deep clean and protects high touch surfaces (door handles, cardio and strength equipment)


Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide. Kills viruses/bacteria within 30 seconds of application. It is used on high-touch surfaces in hospitals.

Use: High-touch surfaces ( tables, machines, handles, etc.)

Nanoseptic foil. Turns public touchpoints into continuously self-cleaning surfaces. Nanoseptic surfaces utilize mineral nano-crystal which creates a powerful oxidation reaction. Working 24/7, the surface continually oxidizes contaminants.

Use: Continually cleans high-touch surfaces.

Lysol Quartanery. Virudicial, Fungidicidal, and Bactericidal, multipurpose hospital cleaner for non-porous surfaces.

Use: Deep cleans floors, showers, and Sanctuary.


Progienics. Highly-effective, deep sanitizer that kills viruses and bacteria.

Use: Carpet and turf.


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